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About Us


We are all human beings whether positive or negative HIV/aids that’s why we have to give a help to our fellow human beings who really needs a help whether local or not.

We should lead innovation and change-to human kind throughout the world.

Innovation and change are more than just words; they are critical challenges in today’s workplace. And it can make the differences between the success and the failure.

We believe you will find our approach very professional and we pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming manner in my foundation.

Thanks and God bless you all.


NGAMIJE MUGISHA Junior is the founder and the president of this foundation, He brought these important ideas and his character of humanity which he launched when he was about to graduate the university in 2012, he brought these ideas after realizing and discovering that, they were so many African kids especially in East Africa who lacked more opportunities in life to be like more of the good life whose standards of living had increased to the desired conditions

About Hamwe Foundation

It is a foundation that was established to provide a valuable resource for understanding the drug problems and current situation of abuser treatment in the respective East African countries mainly focusing on orphans of HIV/aids, people with disabilities and kindly give aid to the needy ones in any area in different fields from the passion of our hearts. As the name suggests, HAMWE; it is togetherness with the unity.

It originated after visiting the children’s prison that is located in Nyagatare district of Eastern province where we wanted to help street kids by facing them face2face to know what problems they really face leading them to the streets.

But later we found that the major cases that occurred among these kids were DRUD ABUSE & VIOLENCE and mostly these kids were from Gatsibo district in sectors of kabarore and kiramuruzi .so we decided to open up an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) around to deal with these dangerous problems among the youth in Gatsibo district since these Districts boarders with Uganda and Tanzania hence passages of drugs from these countries.

  • Concerned people immediately are those who have been in jail recently and those who are still in jail.
  • Orphans of aids whether positive or negative


As Bible teaches about the love we should have and consider and share in everyday life that is more likely what we based on to love each other as we love ourselves and that is why we came up with this idea as we continue helping our brothers and sisters who seeks help in any

We are doing this to try to convince everyone to hold a hand that gives. So my question is: Are you feeling happy when you see children and disabled people suffering? From here you can think widely and take the right decision which would automatically take you to the motto: one heart, one love, one destiny and one unity. That shows you how important are to give a help to needy peoples where ever they are.

  • Our mission is to provide social excellence in social life for the needy ones in the region, through appropriate selection and helping of the needy persons.
  • The organization will seek to reduce all forms of abuse: drug and alcohol abuse, hunger and malnutrition, sexual abuse (Particularly rape), physical abuse and violence on orphans of HIV/aids in local Rwandan communities to the bare minimum.

Together we are team

An overriding objective of this team is to enable our persons we help to consistently improve the quality of social life offered.


  • To eradicate of all forms of abuse, violence, transforming lives and sustainable development and helping people with disabilities focusing on fighting against drug abuse.
  • To promote children, youth and people with disabilities focusing on fighting against drug abuse and all forms of violence.
  • Advocacy, brings together the victims, Re-integration in society and making a stand against the consequences caused by HIV/aids, Drug abuse and violence for sustainable peace and security.
  • Research, Mapping, Data collection and analysis for crimes affecting state (Drug trafficking and abuse, Domestic violence and Gender based violence).
  • To fight against pandemic diseases such as paludism and HIV/AIDS